The Drummer Girl published at Branching Realities Independent Publishing June, 2020

The Drummer Girl Cover Design

Short Stories:

“The Human with a Tesseract Head” coming to Rogue Star Stories in 2021

“A Strange History with Cats” published in The Colored Lens in April, 2021

“Scroll” published at Page & Spine in February, 2021

“Sonaittj” published at Novel Noctule in December, 2020

“:)” published at HauntedMTL in November, 2020

“Bramblewood” published at Every Day Fiction in October, 2020

“A Trip to the Pseudopodiatrist’s  Office” published at Every Day Fiction in August, 2020

“Lemons” published at Every Day Fiction in July, 2020

“You Have a New Memory” published at Kasma Magazine in July, 2020

“Suckers” published at Theme of Absence in June, 2020

“Timeshare” published at Every Day Fiction in June, 2020

“Marathon Girl” published at Every Day Fiction January, 2020

“Shadowplay” published at Theme of Absence December, 2019

“Molting Season” won third place in Writers of the Future Contest2nd Quarter, 2019, published April, 2020

“Pretty Pam” published in Dream of Shadows December, 2019

“Letter to a Budding Entomologist” published in Dark Lane Anthology: Volume 8 September, 2019

“The Knowing Sky” published at Every Day Fiction May, 2019

“Cree-Cree” published at Theme of Absence May, 2019

“Inspiral” published at Asymmetry Magazine January, 2019

“The Ropemaker” published in Deep Magic September, 2018

“Hypercrystal” published in Every Day Fiction May, 2018

“Dandelion” published in The Colored Lens April, 2018

“The Fab Invasion” published in Flash Fiction Magazine March, 2018

“Darkwater Lighthouse” published in Theme of Absence March, 2018

“Parental Supervision Advised” published in Every Day Fiction January, 2018

“The Dinner Cancer” published in The Paragon Journal October, 2017

“Formica” published in Under the Bed May, 2016

“The Robbed” published in Every Day Fiction August, 2015 and in Far-fetched Fables 2017

“Fugue” published in The Writing Disorder June, 2015

“The Blue Hour” published in LampLight March, 2014

“The Glass Tunnel” published in Kasma Magazine September, 2013

“Iambic Pentameter” published in Randomly Accessed Poetics July, 2013

“Perfect Pet Co.” published in Every Day Fiction May, 2013

“Lawn of the Year” published in Dissections March, 2013

“Thumb” published in eHorror February, 2013

“Syntropics” published in Farther Stars Than These November, 2012

“Non-vacationing” published in Work September, 2011

“Stealing a Car” published in Write Room May, 2011


“Bastet?” published at 101 Words in May 2020

“The Ring” published at 50-Word Stories January, 2020

“Search History” published at 101 Words November, 2019

“The Diligent Son” published at 50-Word Stories September, 2019

“The Marionette” published at 101 Words August, 2019

“Heel” published at Paragraph Planet July, 2019

“Insect Karma” published at 50-Word Stories July, 2019

“To-Go” published at 50-Word Stories June, 2019

“Morning After” published at 50-Word Stories May, 2019

“Lockbox” published at 50-Word Stories April, 2019

“Little Charity” published at 50-Word Stories March, 2019

“Matted Curls” published at Cuento Magazine January, 2019

“Smile” published at The Drabble December, 2018 and in BEYOND: A Paranormal Microfiction Anthology September, 2019

“Plastic Garden” published at 50-Word Stories December, 2018

“Cell Echo” published at Cuento Magazine November, 2018

“Submarine World” published in Paragraph Planet November, 2018